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Debbie's Home Cooked Meals is just that. I work from home in a normal kitchen and produce what I like to call "proper" home cooked food using locally sourced meat and vegetables. I cook in exactly the same way as if I was cooking for my family - so there are no additives, 'e' numbers or preservatives. I cook in small batches using traditional methods and equipment to ensure a quality and taste not found in the usual ready made meals.

For those with dietary concerns a great deal of my meals are made Gluten & Dairy free as standard, but without the taste difference often found in shop brought meals. Because I am a small business with what I hope is a more personal touch I can cook meals to order for any diet and I never use garlic! The meals are supplied as single portions in containers that are freezer, oven and microwavable proof as well as being recyclable.

For those with smaller appetites I can supply half portions with potatoes and vegetables included to give a complete balanced meal. This is especially good for people who have carers visiting each day.

Apart from the enjoyment of cooking I also make sure I am out and about and attend three farmers markets a week, selling my meals freshly made the day before, but for those unable to attend the farmers markets I can offer a home delivery service, all you need to do is contact me by telephone or email with your order. So why not browse through my menu list and select the meals that appeal to you and let me know the market of your choice for collection.

If there is meal you would like me to cook for you that is not listed on the menu sheet then just ask, I can be very flexible!

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